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Ep. 50 – Freedom for All by Neville Goddard (Book Reading – Pt.2)

A Practical Application of the Bible.

In this episode, we are reading part two of the book Freedom for All by Neville Goddard. Like I mentioned before I wanted to read the entire book because it is so packed with goodies that a mere review could not do it justice. This is part two, chapters 5-9, so definitely make sure you listened to part one, chapters 1-4 in episode 49.

You have to hear or read the words for yourself and let them absorb so you can really process what he is saying. Especially for those of you who already read and know the stories in the Bible.

Now for some, this may be a shock because they might have always viewed the Bible from a literal standpoint. And that’s fine. But you can also add layers upon the literal meaning and contemplate on the idea that the Bible has symbolic and even esoteric meanings beyond the literal meanings. That is why people say it is written in code. 

If you truly understand what was being said it’s all about manifesting the life you want for yourself. If you’ve never heard an interpretation like this then you might be a little thrown back. 

I’ve been to many churches in my life and I know so many Christians and I’ve never heard this being taught in common places. As someone who is a sovereign spirit, I have studied all religions and can see so many similarities in the basis of the religions. 

And more recently as I’ve deepened my study to include finding the timelines and origins of all the major religions. Not to my surprise, I found that all the major religions, including the yogic system, date back to ancient Africa. 

We have to remember that the history of Ancient Khemet or Egypt span from 10,000 to some say 30-50,000+ years BCE. So we have to understand that the Ancient “yogic” system under another name, of course, was in place well before any major religions. 

And even before ancient Egyptian times, there was already a system practiced by all according to universal laws. People in those times understood and followed universal law. And certain people were initiated into the mysteries of the deeper meanings of life and why and how we came to be.

All of what I’m saying is well documented when you do your research. You have to go beyond the mainstream. And a little tip for doing research, stay away from Google. Go download a different browser on your phone or computer like Brave or Tor and use an alternative search engine like DuckDuckGo. This way you will get broader search results without all the censoring.

Because if you were to examine the Egyptologists’ mainstream academia’s story first off you would see they don’t have a clue and they all stick to the same story. 

And it used to be if you went against what they say is true then you were blacklisted like Zecharia Sitchin who said the pyramids were energy centers, not tombs. We see that many of the things that people like Sitchin proposed are now being proven to be correct and confirmed by multiple sources. 

Anyway, Ancient African spirituality viewed consciousness in the same way Goddard explains his symbolic interpretations of stories in the Bible. So for me, I can see the connection and it resonates so much. 

Now, let’s get into part two, chapters 5-9 of the reading right now. 

Well, let me know what you think. Do you agree or disagree with this interpretation and why? Leave me a message at and let me know.

And on that note, I think I will wrap it up here. And until next time, what do we do? We must do the inner work and create a shift in our own consciousness which will create a shift in the collective consciousness. That is the goal.

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Until next time, Real Shifters, go within and make a real shift happen. 


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