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Ep. 40 – CIA Document on the Holographic Reality, Time Travel, and OBE’s: The Gateway Experience Pt. 1

A program for expanding consciousness.

Peace and blessings. In this episode, we are reading the entire document released by the CIA in 2003 detailing the Gateway Experience, a program created by Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute.

The document goes deep into Out-of-body experiences, the holographic universe and time travel and it’s so detailed that I had to go ahead and read the entire document in two parts. This, of course is part one.

Listen to the podcast and keep scrolling.

The Gateway Experience

In 2003, the CIA released a document which covers an analysis of The Gateway Experience from the Monroe Institute. If you go to the Monroe Institutes’ website, you will see they offer this program and several others for the distinct purpose of expanding your consciousness.

The funny thing is I read a couple of books from Robert Monroe years ago called Journeys Out of the Body and Ultimate Journey. Definitely check those books out, but in the books he details his out of body experiences over a three decade span. Excellent books. 

I kept seeing all the social media posts about this CIA released document on the Gateway Experience. Although it was approved for release in 2003, it seems like it started getting popular sometime last summer. But I really didn’t pay much attention and didn’t make the connection to the books.

Then a couple of months ago, I decided to watch a Youtube vid on it where the guy read the entire document and I was floored. As soon as I heard it I knew I had to read it here on my podcast as well. My summary would not do it justice. Like I said, it’s kind of a long read so I’ll do it in two parts. 

Also, I knew I had to try the Gateway process! And so, I’ve been using the method ever since and I will talk about my experience in the next post in part two.

And on that note, I think I will wrap it up here. And until next time, what do we do? We must do the inner work and create a shift in our own consciousness which will create a shift in the collective consciousness. That is the goal.

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