Creator of Real Shi(f)t Happens, Shawn Crystal Parker believes in the life-changing power of yoga and meditation. A California native, she is an only child born near Sacramento and raised in a small town just north of Los Angeles to a single mother. On the cusp of her 25th birthday, she experienced a life-altering spontaneous spiritual awakening, changing her perception of life instantly. She soon became a seeker, searching for answers, more meaning, and purpose in life.

Ten years later, Shawn’s mother suddenly and unexpectedly passes away which sent her into a deep dark night of the soul experience. After a couple of years, she began practicing yoga to help cope with the stress and grief. Experiencing the shift that yoga and meditation made in her spirit, mind, and body first-hand, she immediately wanted others to feel the shift for themselves.

After years of studying and researching wellness of all types, Shawn is bringing her knowledge along with that of extraordinary guests to go within and discuss wellness on another level with Real Shi(f)t Happens: Wellness Podcast.

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