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Ep. 13 – Three Ways to Kickstart Quantum Jumping

Warning! No Going Back!

Welcome to episode 13 of Real Shift Happens. Peace and blessings everyone. Thank you so much for joining me.  This episode we are talking about quantum jumping.

If you’ve never heard of this technique, keep reading because we’re going to break down a little quantum physics and I’ll give a couple of methods that can help you try it for yourself.

432 hz Tone

I mentioned in the last episode that I just created this new 5-minute Focused Shift that includes a 432 hz pure tone, also known as the heartbeat or pulse of Earth and a human heartbeat. It gives a feeling of being safe in the Earth’s wound.

Here’s a little back story on the 432 hz tone. Across the globe, standard tuning for modern music is generally set to tune A to 440hz. But many musicians and scientists are now tuning the A to 432hz. When the key of A is tuned at 432hz It’s also referred to as scientific tuning.

Studies have found that the 8hz difference not only makes more sense mathematically, but it also had a noticeable shift in our consciousness and bodies. But that’s a whole other discussion for another episode.

What is Quantum Physics?

Getting back to the topic at hand, quantum jumping. First, let’s break things down a little in terms of quantum physics. Quantum physics is the study of isolating the smallest things in the universe, like subatomic particles, molecules, and atoms that make up all the matter in the universe. Basically, it’s the study of reality and how reality works at the subatomic level. 

Nowadays, scientists have many experiments, like those taking place at CERN, that have now shown that there is nothing but what they call dark matter holding all subatomic particles in place. So at a subatomic level, none of these particles are even touching each other. Meaning there is space between even the smallest particles that make up the composition of everything in our reality, even human beings. 

And they’ve shown that those tiny particles that make up our existence can be in multiple places simultaneously. So this part fits with the part of Einstein’s theory of relativity that says time is nonlinear. And that these same subatomic particles do not even exist when there is no observer but their quantum states change behavior when observed directly by a scientist.

It’s actually a truly mind binding science. But one aspect of the quantum physics theory called the “Many Worlds” proposes that there are parallel universes with multiple versions of our world happening right now, simultaneously,  as this world or dimension we live in. Scientists are now calling it the multiverse. 

Since we can’t actually see the multiverse, most scientists still use the word universe only in terms of the observable universe that we live and can perceive. We can’t really perceive the multiverses because they are vibrating at a different resonant frequency than we are on this 3D plane.

Parallel Universes in Modern Media

By now, I feel like a lot of people have heard of the idea of parallel universes. I remember watching a film back in the early 2000s called What the Bleep Do We Know? And if I’m not mistaken, I remember it talking about the possibility of about 11 dimensions. I remember thinking, wow, that’s insane and the film explained it beautifully. I recommend going online to check that out.

Currently, quantum physicists believe there are infinite dimensions. There are a lot of explanations on Youtube, and anywhere online but this film does a great job of capturing what multiple dimensions would look like if we were able to see or realize them. And there are dozens of films and TV shows out there about parallel universes, or multiple dimensions, even kids shows touch on it.

A really old film from the late ’60s called Journey to the Far Side of the Sun is a good one.  And there was a show on TV back in the late ’80s, early ’90s called Quantum Leap. Where the guy would jump to different timelines every episode.

These are of course fictionalized versions of this theory but if you want more real scientific studies, that’s out there as well. The term quantum has been around since the ’20s and I feel like this study in science has probably been around since before we can even imagine under different terminology. 

There are a lot of different aspects to quantum physics that I won’t go into here because I’m by no means a quantum physicist. However, if you want to dive even deeper do a search for ‘quantum physics theories’ and you’ll see all the things like the double-slit experiment, the physicists who study quantum theory now and in the past.

And you’ll even find how quantum theory is applied in everyday life on things like lasers, fiber optics, LED lights, and even computer screens, to the explanation of the process of nuclear fusion that takes place inside of a star. So yea, it’s true science and has become more solidified and accepted as true over the last few decades. 

So like the TV show Quantum Leap, the idea that we as humans can travel in and out of these parallel universes at any given moment is of course what we know as time traveling. And most people think this is simply sci-fi or just something made up because it’s been fictionalized for so long. But these theories are just now coming into the mainstream consciousness as something real when they were introduced by scientists in our time more than 50 years ago. 

In general, this is how new ideas get disbursed to the collective consciousness, through propaganda via television, film, & print. Until the idea is finally introduced as something real. For example, they have been pumping the AI agenda on TV & films for years to prepare our minds for the near future of full AI automation.

Science & Spirituality

But from my perspective what is happening is the convergence of science and spirituality. And some even go as far as to say that science is a new religion and possibly is or it will be. The two seem very different, like opposites, but there are similarities. Science is simply trying to make rational sense or find the left brain knowledge for what has already been known by those with right-brain wisdom and inner knowsis, like Yogis, Seers, Shamans, Sages, and the wise women and men in history and folklore.

It’s well documented that Yogis and monks have reported being able to remote view and astral project. And many spiritual people perceive time as nonlinear as well. Which means that there really is no timeline, that everything is occurring simultaneously. So for example, your entire life and past and future lives are all happening right now, simultaneously in other dimensions. So even right at this moment, your younger self is still there living in another dimension.

And also infinite versions of myself to match the infinite probabilities in the infinite multiverses. It’s mind-blowing. This is something that Einstein theorized and that scientists are beginning to prove through quantum physics and the string theory and has massive implications. Think of it kind of like that picture of the mirror inside a mirror, inside a mirror that keeps going until infinite. Yea, crazy.

From my perspective, science wants to make sense of the outer world but ultimately to make sense of the outer world, you must know your own inner world. So the universal axiom applies, as above so below, as within.

Even people who have no religion or spirituality may have a strong connection to their gut feeling or intuition which is really them being connected to that inner world without recognizing it. Most people, in general, recognize the outer world as something outside of themselves when it is all within us. 

What is Quantum Jumping?

Anyway, a little bit of a tangent there, back to the topic at hand, quantum jumping, what does all of this have to do with quantum jumping you ask? One thing is the term ‘quantum jumping’ is kind of a buzzword right now so I don’t want to get caught up in all the hype because this is a real thing. At the core of the technique, all it really means is being able to access certain qualities from the different probable versions of yourself that exist in parallel universes. 

So you are here as the observer of your life but there is also another probable version of you that chose a different path in life, so there might be a super-smart rich version of you, or a poor homeless version of you, or a version of you that has a superior talent like singing or dancing or that’s a math whiz, the possibilities are literally endless. 

So through visualization and meditation techniques, we can use our imagination to perceive the version of ourselves that we are trying to get to. Then we notice the qualities of that version of ourselves.

Like that version we visualize of ourselves is healthy so they probably have more discipline when it comes to what they eat. Or that version goes to the gym regularly, or whatever it is, take all those qualities and imagine yourself merging with that version of yourself in the present moment. Imagine yourself being able to immediately possess those qualities right now.

So it’s basically taking those versions of yourself and integrating them with your present self. Of course, this is a very simple way of putting it and there are whole programs dedicated to this practice. The truth is we are literally moving in and out of parallel realities all the time and at any moment. 

Quantum Jumping Tips

I’m currently listening to The Silva Method: Tapping the Secrets of the Mind for Total Self-Mastery on audio which has various techniques to help you visualize what you want and bring it to fruition. Or there are the first lessons of the Silva Mind Control Method on audiobook. I highly recommend either one or both.

Listen to either one today for free by using this Free 30-Day Audible Trial.

And do a search for Burt Goldman who worked with Jose Silva on the Silva Method but whose work is now called quantum jumping, lectures and workshops in person and on CD.

Also, check youtube for Aaron Doughty’s videos and meditations. He has some really great shorter talks and a powerful quantum jumping meditation on his channel

Or check out Cynthia Sue Larson’s book Quantum Jumps and her site for lots of articles and information on the topic. And she even goes into more depth about the Madela effect. Which is definitely a topic for another time, no pun intended.

3 Ways to Kickstart Quantum Jumping

Let’s get into three clear ways to consciously make quantum jumps in our lives right now that don’t require as much technique.

  1. Make a Big Choice and step outside of your comfort zone. For example, if you always thought about trying something new like taking a dance or music class, just do it. Step out of your comfort zone. The idea is to get yourself out of autopilot.

    If you find yourself in the same old routine, snap yourself out of it by changing up your routine a bit. Maybe eat somewhere new instead of going to the same old places you always go to. Or if even try something new on the menu where you usually go. However big or small you deem what is necessary for you.

  2. Work on changing your self-image. You might have a certain image of yourself that is not serving you on your path to growth. For example, you might see yourself as lazy with no ambition. But you can simply stop telling yourself the horrible stories and change the way you see yourself.

    You can tell yourself that you are a smart, ambitious person who always handles things in a timely manner. Even though you might not fully believe it yet, if you continue to tell yourself positive motivational things then you will slowly begin to act upon those things. Change the story about yourself and in turn change your self-image.

  3. Give new meanings to things that happen in your life and always be open to deeper more hidden meanings behind events that occur in your life. For example, like me getting fired from my job, my ego was definitely bruised but the truth is I did not like the job at all.

    And it was stifling my creativity. So maybe that was God’s way of taking me out of a situation that I wouldn’t take myself out of even knowing it wasn’t the right situation. If I look at the bigger picture, I’m sure there is something more for me, even though I don’t know what that is right now. I am open to the infinite possibilities that are there for me.

Honestly, when we change our perspective on our lives so many shifts start to happen. I say this from experience. Our minds are so powerful but scattered. It’s truly fascinating how far we’ve come in what we can accomplish with our minds, yet we’ve barely touched the surface of the capability of our minds. However, as we are engulfed more and more by the energies from the Age of Aquarius, we will begin to understand and use more of our minds. And science will uncover more and more about consciousness itself. 

When we think of the implications it’s mind-boggling. This is why computer scientists are in a race for quantum supremacy which Google supposedly recently gained the lead-in. They are not only trying to truly prove the existence of parallel universes, but they are also trying to tap into parallel universes to gain access to information for us to use here and now. Also, another episode.

Anyway, I think it’s important that we have access to all the different healing modalities out there. hen done properly, quantum jumping is a very powerful manifestation technique, so if this is something that resonates with you, then, by all means, do more research for yourself and try it. Every spirit has to find what is right for them.

And on that note, until next time, what do we do? We must do the inner work and create a shift in our own consciousness which will create a shift in the collective consciousness. That is the goal.

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