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Ep. 45 – Seven Ways to Tap into Divine Feminine Energy

Reconnecting to Your Femininity.

In this episode, we’re talking about reconnecting to the Divine Feminine energy. What does that really even mean? We’re getting into the deeper meaning of the divine feminine or simply the feminine energy that flows within us all and seven ways to tap in.

What is divine feminine energy?

Now for the topic at hand, reconnecting with the divine feminine. I think it’s a good idea to really break down the idea of “the divine feminine” because many have not heard of the term before or do not understand what it truly means. In a sort of traditional dictionary context, we think of feminine as qualities associated with women. However, the principle of feminine and masculine energy is flowing through every person on earth.

In every religion and spiritual belief, there is a principle of feminine and masculine energy. For example, in Taoism, the energies are referred to as the balancing forces of the yin and yang. Commonly shown as the yin/yang symbol where the yin or feminine energy represents the dark side and the yang or masculine energy is the light side of the symbol, with each side having a dot of the other side in it.

In Yogic tradition the feminine is represented by dance and coming together of the God Shiva, the masculine energy representing form and Goddess Shakti, which is spiraling, flowing feminine energy. 

The excerpt from Lake Center Yoga’s blog says it all.

“The balance of the male and female energy is the goal of yoga and the goal of life.  This union is sometimes called the union of Shiva/Shakti or male/female union.  Even the word Hatha in Hatha Yoga means the balance of the Sun (masculine energy) and the Moon (feminine energy). In Kundalini Yoga, the Kundalini Energy is the dormant energy (feminine energy) hidden in the base of the spine so the spine becomes very important to be aware of.”  

And in the Christian faith, a lesser-known concept written about in the book, The Feeling is the Secret by Neville Goddard refers to God as consciousness in itself. And the conscious and subconscious mind are the masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness. Check out my book reading series in episodes 31-34 to listen to the entire book. The idea of the conscious mind being male and the subconscious female is prevalent in the foundations of psychology; in Freudian and Jungian paradigms and other many other cultures but this book is the first I’ve read that relates it to the Bible. 

Goddard writes, 

“Although the subconscious faithfully serves man, it must not be inferred that the relation is that of a servant to a master as was anciently conceived. The ancient prophets called it the slave and servant of man. St. Paul personified it as a “woman” and said: “The woman should be subject to man in everything” [Ephesians 5:24; also, 1Corinthians 14:34, Ephesians 5:22, Colossians 3:18, 1Peter 3:1]. The subconscious does serve man and faithfully gives form to his feelings. However, the subconscious has a distinct distaste for compulsion and responds to persuasion rather than to command; consequently, it resembles the beloved wife more than the servant.”

“The husband is head of the wife,” Ephesians 5[:23], may not be true of man and woman in their earthly relationship, but it is true of the conscious and the subconscious, or the male and female aspects of consciousness. The mystery to which Paul referred when he wrote, “This is a great mystery [5:32]… He that loveth his wife loveth himself [5:28]… And they two shall be one flesh [5:31]“, is simply the mystery of consciousness. Consciousness is really one and undivided but for creation’s sake it appears to be divided into two.

The conscious (objective) or male aspect truly is the head and dominates the subconscious (subjective) or female aspect.

However, this leadership is not that of the tyrant, but of the lover.”

If you want to get into manifestation and symbolism in the Bible, definitely check out books from Neville Goddard. 

The Kybalion

Another great source of explanation of the feminie and maculine energy is the Kybalion which is a compilation of ancient Hermetic teachings. When I first read this book over 20 years ago, I was floored. The seven hermetic principles are said to be basic universal laws and the foundation of all religions.

For this talk, I want to highlight the seventh Hermetic Principle, the Principle of Gender. It states:

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”

Keep in mind that all of the principles work together to create the physical plane we live in but to really understand the principle of gender we must first understand that we are not talking about a persons physiological sex, sex is a manifestation of gender on the physical plane. However, gender exists on the mental and spiritual plane as well and without it there would be no creation.

From the Kybalion:

“The Principle of Gender works ever in the direction of generation, regeneration, and creation. Everything, and every person, contains the two Elements or Principles, or this great Principle, within it, him or her. Every Male thing has the Female Element also; every Female contains also the Male Principle. If you would understand the philosophy of Mental and Spiritual Creation, Generation, and Re‑generation, you must understand and study this Hermetic Principle. It contains the solution of many mysteries of Life.”

So we can see that to have balance we need masculine and feminine energy. However, for centuries our world has been inundated with masculine energy. Thus the saying we live in a man’s world. Over time, the concept of balancing the energies has been lost. 

This is not a talk about distorted or toxic masculinity, which is really the symptom of the imbalance, this is about reconnecting to and harnessing our feminine energy to balance ourselves and the world.

When we look at our recent history we know that women have had to fight to be considered equal human beings. And there are still many cultures in the world that consider women to be subordinate to men. This has been perpetuated in popular culture, religion, and the workplace time and time again. So the fight continues.

But somewhere in the feminist movement and in our fight for equality, we lost the idea of holding a sacred space for the divine feminine. Instead of embracing our femininity, we’ve taken on masculine roles and ways of thinking in many cases. 

Characteristics of Masculine & Feminine Energy

So when we break down what the masculine and feminine energies represent even further, we associate the energies this way:

Left-brained/right handRight-Brained/Left hand
Rational, LinearEmotional, non-linear
Change/Destructive Constant/Subversive
Logical ThinkingIntuitive feeling

And there are so many more, simply by these representations alone, we can see that our society is a left-brained or masculine dominated society. And we’ve gone so far as to make it shameful to show emotions and to never trust our own intuition. As a society, we’ve lost touch with the feminine feeling, intuitive way of life and replaced it with stoicism and apathy.

As so-called modern women, we’ve made great strides in equality, though there is still work to be done. Yet, we’ve truly lost our femininity in the process and adopted the western masculine, left-brained way of thinking. On paper it looks great, women are heads of companies, running the show but actually it is slowly killing us. This is just one aspect of misalignment that slowly causes dis-ease in the body.

In men, toxic and distorted masculinity is a direct result of neglecting the feminine side. Men have been taught to be strong and not show emotions and that the feminine is weak and defenseless. And men who embody the creative, intuitive side in a balanced way are called Renaissance men but if a man embodies too much feminine energy now he’s considered gay and weak. Even the word gay has been made into a deragtory term associated with femininity and weakness.

Nowhere in the characteristics of feminine energy is there weakness or defenselessness. The misconception that femininity is weak is another aspect that contributes to toxic masculinity and wounded femininity energies. 

Christina Lopes is a youtuber, you have to check her out. She explains it this way, and I’m paraphrasing; we’ve lived under a dominantly masculine energy for thousands of years with the misconception that the feminine is weak and defenseless. So this way of living is basically ingrained in us so much that our masculine side has become over-protective of the feminine to the point of blocking her out. But now the feminine energy has awakened and is saying, I’m not weak and defenseless, I’m powerful and strong in my own way, just not in the same as the masculine. 

Feminine energy has never been weak, it’s like water, it can be a small flowing stream that will carve out a path in the land miles long or a large ocean wave that can destroy an entire city. Don’t fuck with the feminine energy.

There’s another saying about divine feminine goddess energy is that she has the power to make passionate love to you and give you life and also devour and destroy you. That is not weakness. 

Feminine energy is the binding force behind the creation of all things on every plane. All things created, including human beings are directly attributed to feminine energy on own to most species who actually give birth are women. But also, we as humans birth our own creations, aside from babies, in the outer world. We birth thoughts and ideas and manifest them into fruition. 

And we are now witnessing a time in human evolution where the feminine and masculine energies are completely shifting. A physical representation of that is science now believes the poles on earth are shifting meaning the south pole will soon be where the north pole is currently located which they believe last occurred 780,000 years ago. 

This is because Earth is also shifting and since we live here we must also shift with Earth. What many do not realize is that earth is a conscious body that is evolving just as the human species upon it evolves. We live on or some say within the Earth body just as smaller organisms live on or within our bodies. Here we can see an example of the axiom, “as within, so without”. 

The Age of Aquarius

An even bigger shift is occurring in the cosmos befitting the other part of the axiom, “So above, as below”. In the spiritual community many agree that we have fully entered a new astrological age, the age of Aquarius. This shift is what many believe is the reason for the strong influx of feminine energy and all the other shifts occurring which we will continue to see for the rest of our lifetime. 

Whether you believe in astrology or not, all the signs and sigils of a new age are visible and with this new age comes an entirely new way of being. I always want to make clear that when I speak of a new astrological age, I’m speaking of Earth’s procession around the archetypal constellations, not the so-called New Age religion. Which in my opinion is not even a religion people just have to categorize and name things to make it make sense.

Since the Earth is in retrograde motion, we have left the Age of Pieces with the symbol of two fish, also represented, monotheism, spirituality, the birth and Age of Christ, and the suppression and rise of femininity. 

The Age of Aquarius is symbolized by the Aquarius sign, the water-bearer. Sandra Weaver, in her article, Age of Pisces Traits are Making Room for the New Age of Aquarius, states it perfectly:

“The Age of Pisces is over. Pisces values are being wiped out, causing unprecedented change and upheaval in our lifetime. And we’re not done yet. The Piscean values of money, power and control are being replaced. They do not resonate with the values of the new great cycle, the Age of Aquarius. Those values are love, brotherhood, unity and integrity.”

We can see just from this passage that the new values align with the characteristics of feminine energy. And the global pandemic has helped usher in even more feminine energy and this new way of being. It’s almost like the feminine forced everyone to slow down, go into a more hibernation role since we were on lock down and many people have done more self-reflecting because of it.

People think that things will go back to how it was before the pandemic but they won’t. The world has already changed and the great reset has begun. There is no going back, we have to keep it moving. 

Seven Ways to Tap into the Divine Feminine

So the question then becomes, how do we reconnect with our femininity and tap into divine feminine energy? Here are seven ways to do just that.

  1. Christina Lopes makes a great suggestion that totally resonates with me, healing the divine masculine energy first to open up the way for divine feminine healing.
  2. Get in touch with your emotions. Get out of your head and get more in touch with how you feel. We all brush over our emotions because we simply don’t want to feel the discomfort but it’s important to actually feel what you feel.
  3. Connect to your body. This goes hand and hand with feeling your emotions, we also like to ignore what our bodies are telling us. Allow yourself to feel every part of your body and fully embody your own space.
  4. Spend time in nature. Nature will always help bring us back to our natural selves.
  5. Find your creative spark. Creativity is directly related to our feminine energy so when you are doing something creative or creating you are automatically tapping into the divine feminine.
  6. Intend to connect. Make definite intentions to reconnect to the divine feminine part of yourself.
  7. Surrender to the divine feminine energy. Meaning live your life inflow. Now is the time to attract what you want in your life through being in a flow state and allowing all that you want to manifest. As opposed to working in a hustle mentally to the point of exhaustion. 

Personally, I can say that I’ve blocked my femininity for years. I’ve always considered myself to be a balanced left-right-brained person even as a kid but as an adult, I had stopped nurturing my feminine side. To the point where even now, I crave creativity, and last year I decided that I would always be creating. 

Even on another note of being a single mother and working in corporate jobs, I’ve had to shrink my femininity to conform to and survive in this world. And now more than ever, I have the urge to reconnect with my femininity and many women I know feel the same. And this goes for men as well. We are all powerful beings inextricably intertwined. The illusion is the separation. 

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