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Ep. 24 – Life in a Global Pandemic: Time Capsule Pt.1 w/Merissa of Luna & Sol Yoga

Tips to Help Cope with Stay-at-Home Orders.

Peace & Blessings. Welcome to episode 24. This is part one of our special time capsule series discussing how we’re coping with living in a global pandemic. Our special guest, Merrisa Stern of Luna & Sol Yoga, is here to talk about life under quarantine. Then in six months, Merrisa will be back to discuss all the changes that may occur.

Plus, we have some great tips to help keep us centered and calm through this uncertain time. First thing first, we start off with our five-minute focused shift.

And check out our six month follow up – Ep. 36 – Life in a Global Pandemic: Time Capsule Pt.2 w/Merissa of Luna & Sol Yoga

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