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Ep. 18 – Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power – Book Review

Innerstanding the 33 energies of man

Welcome to episode 18 of Real Shift Happens. In this episode, we’re discussing our February book selection for the Real Shift Book Club!

This is our special monthly book club episode and we’re reviewing the book Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power by Stuart Wilde. This is a truly powerful book and following the steps will definitely shift your life for the better. This book is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who are ready and willing to reclaim their inner power.

But first, if you haven’t listened to the podcast episode, this is the point where we go into our 5-minute Focused Shift guided meditation. I recommend checking out the podcast episode linked below. You can listen while you keep reading.

The Author, Stuart Wilde

On to the topic at hand, we are talking about the book Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power by Stuart Wilde and what a powerful book. If you read it or listened to it on audio then I’m sure you’ll agree. And the author was quite the character. He was known as the father of metaphysics and passed away in 2013. 

If you look at his website it says, “The Sageness & Humor of Stuart Wilde”, which is a very accurate description of his work. He has a way of throwing in something so silly sounding as he’s explaining something very serious. Also, his style is not that of fluffy, bubbly light shows. 

He’s very realistic and down to earth in his approach on metaphysics and creating meaningful changes in our own lives. And that’s what makes him likable because he gives it to you straight without all the fluff.

The 33 Energies of Man

The book is actually based on the Chinese Taoist philosophies and the ancient teachings of 33 energies of man. He explains, “The 33 energies were said to flow from a higher plane into the earth dimension–a bit like a freeway built of light– to allow humans an exit out of the emotions and thought-forms of this evolution into a higher consciousness.”

The teaching is not written and is described as, “a beam of light made of 33 strands, twisted around each other like a rope.” Wilde wanted to translate the teaching into a practical method of transformation. And in this book, he really breaks things down into entertaining layman terms and makes the concepts very simple and concise. 

However, it is not for the sensitive person who is easily offended because Wilde does not mince words. He wants to touch a cord in you to make you really think about his point but in a hilarious insensitive way at times. 

Plus, he gives actionable exercises to help develop in many of the 33 steps. The overall purpose of this book is to take you on a journey from living an ego-dominating life to living a spirit-driven life. It’s like a basic manual on how to integrate your mind, body and spirit to live a happier, better quality of life. 

I don’t really have time to go into each step individually because it would make this post way too long. But I will list each step from the free PDF that came with the audio book on Audible. 

My advice is to purchase the actual paper copy of the book or buy the Kindle version and then go to to download the audiobook version and get 30 days free. This way you can follow along with the audio and the book. You will want to read and/or listen to this one multiple times.

Growth & Evolution

Maybe even read it once over and then create a system where you really go in depth on each step over the course of 33 days or even 33 weeks. Each step builds upon the next, like the beam of light made of 33 strands intertwined like a rope. Each step is powerful within itself but all of the steps together will help one transcend the ego and embrace the infinite self within.

This book is all about cultivating and welcoming growth and evolution into being your true infinite self. Everyone knows it’s not easy to make real lasting changes to an already stubborn adult set in his ways. Stuart points out that change usually occurs out of great pain. When something becomes overbearingly painful, that’s usually when most people are willing to change.

Reading this book will definitely plant the seeds for your evolution but whether you are ready to take the steps will depend on how much you let go of your ego. The ego definitely does not want change.

The 33 Steps

Let’s go down the list and jump right into the 33 steps to reclaiming your inner power.

  1. I am Infinite. I am one with the God Force.

  2. My inner awareness begins with the God Force in me and expands outward.

  3. I have the courage to go beyond my ordinary, limited perceptions.

  4. I listen for and accept inner guidance from Spirit.

  5. I accept negativity as a learning experience and transmute it into an opportunity for growth.

  6. What I know about the world I’ve learned from prevalent belief patterns. I now look beyond those patterns for my own infinite good.

  7. I commit myself to building my highest wisdom and power beyond the weakness of the ego.

  8. I am master of my own destiny.

  9. I reclaim my power from the world and return it to the God Force. My personal power grows through this discipline.

  10. My mind is centered.

  11. What I believe I am, I am.

  12. My word is law unto me.

  13. I find freedom through acceptance and detachment.

  14. I judge nothing, I quantify nothing.

  15. By holding onto nothing, I actually have everything.

  16. I have no need to defend my will or force my views.

  17. I continuously purify myself of ego-based limitations.

  18. I respect all living things — including myself — and I acknowledge their beauty and magnificence.

  19. My power rises from within. I don’t need to push a situation; the appropriate outcome is drawn to me.

  20. My most powerful action can be non-action (non-judgment, non-involvement), where I operate from a state of “clear being” rather than “hectic doing.”

  21. I dedicate my life to the sacred way.

  22. I have an abundance of inspiration and creative expression.

  23. I maintain a fresh, energized attitude toward life. I observe nature and align myself to it.

  24. I do not fear death, but rather accept it and get on with living.

  25. My energy is my message. I don’t preach, I don’t seek followers.

  26. I am physically disciplined. I provide my body’s requirements for optimal condition.

  27. I am emotionally disciplined. I experience emotions, but I release them.

  28. I am mentally disciplined. I don’t let negativity and “logic” dominate my life and direction. My higher self shines through.

  29. I do not invest energy in things that don’t resonate for me. I live my truth and let the rest go.

  30. I am spiritually disciplined. I acknowledge the source of my light and power regularly and often.

  31. The energy of the quest uplifts me and carries me forward on my path.

  32. A beneficent fusion of energies takes me beyond fear and difficulty into the realm of limitlessness.

  33. I accept for myself the ever evolving, ever-unfolding path of the Initiate — which I travel with inner poise, power, and peace.

These steps are very powerful in getting to know and transforming yourself. So you will want to really dive into the book yourself.

And on that note, I think I will wrap it up here. And until next time, what do we do? We must do the inner work and create a shift in our own consciousness which will create a shift in the collective consciousness. That is the goal.

I hope you join the Real Shift Book club so we can discuss and learn together. sign up for the Real Shift book club at and be the first to know the monthly book selection. Also have a voice in selecting the books we read. 

For March, the Real Shift book club selection is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I first read this book back in 2004 when it first came out. It’s a very popular and powerful book on living in the moment and I can’t wait for you to read it. 

If you haven’t already signed up for Audible, use the link for a free download and 30 days for this March book club selection. And if you want or buy the book on Amazon, it really is worth it! 

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Until next episode, Real Shifters, Go Within and make real shift happen.


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