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Shawn C. Parker

How to Meditate: Beginner Tips

Hey, I’m Shawn.!


Just like you, I've been through. a lot in life with so many ups and downs. Not only that, the world is kinda crazy and scary right now.


It can be difficult to unplug and really get peace of mind with everything going on in our lives. After a while, it starts to weigh you down..


Personally, I've tried so many external things over the years to try to feel better about my life. Some of them, like exercising and eating right, have worked well for me.


But there was still something missing..


My mind was still a mess, what the Buddhist call, the chattering monkey. I could not control the constant barrage of negative thoughts.   


I knew I needed to get my mind & thoughts under control because I knew my thoughts have a major impact on my life.


I was finally ready to dive into meditation to help me get a handle on my thoughts. But where would I even begin? 


I scoured the Internet looking for the best way to start meditating and I found a zillion articles, videos, and how-to's which just made it even more confusing.


But I knew I had to start and not only start, but I also wanted to establish a daily meditation practice. So I finally picked a simple guided meditation and leveled up from there. 


The one thing that changed everything for me was establishing a daily meditation practice.


It turns out all of the information I researched was helpful but actually starting the practice and creating a consistent daily habit is priceless.


Now I meditate for 20 minutes, twice a day, every single day without fail. And I want to show you how I got started and what it does for me..


So, I'm giving you free access to my beginner's meditation guide with my 5-minute guided meditation download to jump-start your daily practice and help you feel great right away!

My passion is to help you discover peace & calm with meditation & wellness so you can feel your best in every aspect of your life!

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Need help meditating? My beginners' meditation guide with a link to my guided meditation download will get you started today!

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